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England's 5th grade website 
Technology Survey
Home Access (Grades)
Time for Kids
Yahooligans (safe search)
Prezi Presentations
Know Play (safe search)
Fun Brain
Tune into Learning
Puzzle Maker
We Give Books!!!ABCyaBrain PopAnimoto.
National Geographic Picture of the Day

Library Resources (passwords have been emailed home)
History of HEB  

Brain POP  
Brain Pop Jr.   

Kid Rex Search Engine
Pics for Learning

International Childrens Week
National Geographic Kids: Turkey 
Library Resources (passwords have been emailed home)
TFK Turkey
Yahoo Kids: Turkey 
A Day in the Life of A Kid Just Like Me
Glogster Project
National Geographic Project

Before & After Hurricane Sandy
USDA Science for Kids
Weather Watch
National Weather Service
Endangered Animals in Texas
Eco Kids: food chains
The Food Chain
The Water Cycle

Kid's Planet
Texas Department of State Health Services (natural disasters)
NASATexas Parks and Wildlife: regions
Flood Safety
FEMA for Kids
National Geographic
Texas Department of Agriculture: Square Meals
Red Cross

Science & Kids

Fun Science for Kids
Super Scientists
Walking on Water (states of matter)
Science Buddies
Science News for Kids
Neo Kids

Kids biology snakes
Texas Snakes
Identifying Snakes
Texas Junior Naturalis
water cycle (kid zone)
The Water Project
School Tube Water Cycle 
EPA Virtual Tour
water cycle quiz 
NASA for Kids 
Weather Whiz Kids-Volcanoes
Weather Whiz Kids-Earthquakes
Switch Zoo 
World Biomes: Tundra 
National Geographic: Tundra 
Just for Kids Arctic Video 
Images for the Arctic Tundra 
KidzWorld: Tundra 
Tundra Map 
National Geographic Kids: Tundra 
National Geographic: Tundra Landscapes 
National Geographic: Tundra Wildlife and Plants 
Kid's Planet Endangered Amimals 
What's the Problem? Endangered Animals 
Animal Fact Guide

Graphing (Harcourt)
Math is Fun Time on a Clock Matching (nearest 5 min.)
Time on a Clock (nearest minute)
Time on a Clock Matching (nearest 15 min.)
Get the Math
Number Chomper (patterns)
Math Playground 
Singapore Math
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
Shodor Interactive (middle school level)

Think Through Math
Multiplication Fact "tricks"
Place Value RapVirtual Manipulatives (Glencoe)

Thinking Blocks
Math Textbook (Pearson)
Car Advertisements

Math Play 
Challenge Math
Math Basketball
Find a Friend
Memorizing Math Facts 
Math Zone
Times Table Games
Math Baseball
Johnnie's Math Page
Math Magician Games
Dice Games for Multiplication

Language Arts
Main Idea Prezi
Nonfiction Articles (Main Idea)
 Author's Purpose
Reading Comprehension Games
Fairy Tales
Sentence Sort
Poetic Elements
Spelling City
Giggle Poetry

Interactive Story Elements
Guys Read!