It is very important to have your child attend school regularly and on time. Students will meet me outside of the classroom by 7:40. Please have your child in school no later than 7:45 AM. Breakfast begins at 7:15 AM.

When your child will be absent, please call the school and let us know. This will help us ensure that all children have arrived safely. If calling is not possible, please send a note the following day.
If your child will not be riding a school bus, please make sure that you are there at 2:45 to pick them up each day.

When it is your child’s birthday, they will be allowed to bring a treat bag for each child in the class.  This treat bag can include little trinkets, but no food items.  This will be given to the class at the end of the day.  

All 3rd graders are encouraged to wear sneakers/tennis shoes every day. Although we do not go to P.E. everyday, we do play and run outside each day. Sandals and slick bottom shoes can cause injuries.

Daily Folders/Thursday Folders
A folder will go home each day with homework and a classroom calendar in the event I need to send you notes or mark important dates. Your child's folder must return to school each day.  Thursday folders will include notes and flyers from the school and PTA.  I will also send graded work home on Thursdays. Please take the information out of the folder so your child can return it the next day.  

Children have the option to either bring their lunch or purchase a school lunch. If you choose to purchase a school lunch, you have two payment options.

1.  You can pay CASH or CHECK. The check must be made out to RRISD Lunch Fund and your driver's license number must be written at the top. You can pay for the month, or as much time as you feel comfortable with.  Your child will have a card that they use like a debit card.  This money should be paid to the cafeteria in advance of the day your child wishes to eat at school.

*****Please do not send your child with loose change or money in their pocket.  Money must be put into an envelope or baggie marked with the AMOUNT and the CHILD'S NAME.

2.  PAY PAMS is another option.  You can get an information sheet in the office on this program.  The benefit is that you can pay with a credit card and track what your child is eating (there are 3 choices daily).  The downfall is that they do charge you a small percentage to use the program.  Check with the office for details.

**Snacks are to be kept separate from lunch.  Put snacks in a paper lunch bag or zip-loc marked snacks.  Children often get confused as to whether or not they brought a lunch or if it is only their snack.

We will not be able to order a specific lunch choice for them.  The students will still be able to purchase a lunch, but they will not be able to choose which tray.  They will be given whatever the cafeteria has extra on that day.

Students may bring a snack to eat. Snacks should be easy-to-eat finger foods (like carrot sticks, crackers, pretzels, as opposed to pudding with a spoon). 
 Please do not send any snacks that leave your child’s hands filled with cheese and/or feeling sticky.  I ask this because the students will be working or reading during this time, and I do not want their notebooks or classroom library books to be damaged.

Water Bottles

Students may bring a water bottle to take to school each day. To prevent them from getting lost, water bottles should be labeled with your child's name.  Also, I would suggest that your child’s water bottle be in a plastic Ziploc bag if it is housed in their backpack.  If the water bottle leaks it will get on all of your child’s belongings.  In addition, it could damage the library books your child checks out from the school.  Water Bottles should contain water only (no milk, Kool-Aid, etc.)


Toys should not be brought to school. We have many materials for all children to use. Toys from home can get lost or broken and cause great sadness. Toys brought to school may be confiscated, so, please help keep them at home.

Elsa England Grading Policy

Third Grade, Fourth Grade, Fifth Grade
Students earn numerical grades on a 0-100 scale.

Any grade below a 70 is considered failing, and the student will have a reasonable and fair opportunity to be retaught and to redo the assignment to further develop his/her understanding of the concept, earning a grade up to a 70.

Number of Grades per Quarter
District Policy (EIA Local) states that grading guidelines shall ensure that grades reflect a student’s relative mastery of an assignment and that a sufficient number of grades are taken to support the grade average assigned.  Elementary teachers will take a minimum of seven grades each quarter in each core content area (reading, writing, math, science, social studies).  When calculating a nine-week average for a content area, no single grade will count more than 30% of the total average.  No two grades will count more than 50% of the total average.

Additional Grading Information
Specific information for third, fourth and fifth grade at England Elementary follows:

Nine Weeks Average (categories with percentages)
Homework Expectations
Make-Up Work from Absences
Late Work

Homework 5%
Daily Work  70%
Tests and Projects 25%
Homework is intended to give students the opportunity to practice skills and/or enrich concepts that have been introduced in the classroom. 

The teacher will determine the critical assignments that will need to be made up due to absences.  Missing work will need to be completed within one week of returning to school.  For extended illnesses, special arrangements will be made with the teacher. 
It is important for students to learn personal responsibility and to be accountable for their work. Late work will be accepted within the current 9-week grading period, with a total grade deduction of five points.   

Progress Reports/Conferences
A progress report will be sent home during the fourth week of each quarter if a student is not passing.  A teacher shall request a conference with a student’s parents at the end of a nine-week period if the student’s grades are not passing.  Parents and teachers may request a conference at any other time for other academic or behavioral concerns.  Parents are able to view grades at any time through the Home Access Center.